Library launches new pilot program to ease the hassle of waiting

The library created a new reservation program that is intended for students to have a study room without the need of being on a waiting list or room keys.

Pierce students can now make reservations online through the library website’s program called the New Group Study Room Pilot Program. Its selling point is student will no longer need to wait until a room is available nor room keys. Library Department Chair Paula Paggi said that this new pilot program is to give the student a convenience to reserve a study room without being at library.

“Originally we wanted to do this reservation [before], but we didn’t have the right software, so what we had done before was just a temporary thing until we were able to get on something like this.” Paggi said.

The new pilot program began at the start of the spring semester and was purchased as an add-on from the already established library website. There aren’t any fees as they were before, as those were to encourage students to give the key to the next group of study as the study rooms were in high demand according to Paggi.

Paggi says that the library has been receiving positive feedback from the students and has notice that students do use the reservation page. Students have reserved study rooms going into the next 2 weeks. Paggi has also said that only a few students have told staff that they prefer the old way with keys compared to online reservation.

Student can reserve up to two weeks in advance without the hassle of waiting in line.

A group of students can now enter a room without a reservation, according to the usage policy, but will still be required to leave when a group with a reservation arrives. Systems Librarian Lauren Saslow says that the library hasn’t dealt with any non-pierce student during the pilot program.

“It hasn’t really been an issue because first of all, if you are in there and somebody shows up with a reservation, I don’t care who you are, you don’t get to stay.” Saslow said.

Betzy Aguilar has used the new and old reservation programs and she says that the new online reserve program is a lot more convenient than old.

She says that before she would have to wait in line just to reserve a room and even waiting in line wouldn’t be guaranteed a room that day.

“I think it’s more convenient for that have to manage their time.” Aguilar said.

Students can choose a specific time during the day. The student can then select which room they would like to reserve, if available. And then fill out the appropriate information; Full name, LACCD email, student ID number and the other students in your group, according to reservation booking page.

Students are also able to cancel a reservation through the same website.