Con: Pierce should not have frequent fundraisers on and off campus

Part of the experience of attending a higher education institution is discovering a career path to pursue. For some students, the decision is quick, while others take time and explore different options by taking courses.

Some departments on campus lack funds or don’t even have the money to hire the necessary staff needed to run classes. Fundraisers are one way of garnering revenue to support deprived departments or new additions but it won’t be effective.

Different fundraisers would begin to compete against one another. Fundraisers are used when major events need to be funded. A field trip, money needed to replace band equipment or funding a new department, but when there are multiple departments in need then how do we decide which to fund?

It’s not fair to fund a specific department over another because it’s deemed more important or more popular. Fundraisers cannot be set up often because there is not enough money to go around.

During these fundraisers, students, families and other generous people will be giving money but there’s a limit to how much can be given. Students have to pay for books and other supplies, so even if they wanted to give as much as they could, they have other expenses to deal with first. It’s the same deal with families and other people helping.

It takes time to establish a fundraiser plus the hassle of coordinating it with administration. There is a process and there’s no easy way around it. There’s also the need for volunteers. Frequent fundraisers would slowly yield less and less results.

Fundraisers could be set up on or off campus which is allows for diversity of events. There could be yogurt events or skateland events for off campus. On campus fundraisers would have their themes but eventually ideas will become worn out and overused. To make money you need money. It’s the same thing for fundraisers. There is a need for a small amount of money or more to go into setting up fundraisers or for advertising the event. Spoken word can only go so far. A good way to draw attention is with pictures, video, or with another form of visual content as it gives a sense of what to expect.

With frequent fundraisers there would have to be frequent amounts of money going into advertising. It would become a cycle of garnering money to replenish the amount spent and the money needed for the cause. If it were very few departments in need of funding, there wouldn’t be much of a problem fundraising. However, there are problems that each department faces and the amount of money needed to solve them is not something mere fundraisers can do.