Pro: Pierce should have frequent fundraisers on and off campus

Pierce should frequently have fundraisers because they can be a luxury to the campus. By having fundraisers on a monthly basis, whether on or off campus, will be beneficial. Plus, let’s be real, if you look around or walk into a classroom it’s no secret that the campus could benefit from some extra money to fix or add certain appliances to classes.

Fundraisers can be the key component to saving a club and providing a science department with enough utensils to conduct experiments such as dissections. The finances collected from a fundraise would not only be limited to classes but could also help with various other purposes such as providing new uniforms to the sports teams or plastic gloves and goggles to the chemistry departments.

For the time that I’ve been a student here, I have rarely seen fundraisers take place. Yes, there has been the occasional one but that’s usually once a semester. Fundraising may seem like a terrifying idea to make happen. As children, it was a struggle having to solicit the local neighbor or classmate to purchase the chocolate bar or that watermelon smelly pencil. However, times have changed and seems that college students are more likely to cooperate with a few dollars in order to help their department or campus become more competitive.

The fun part of helping with a fundraiser, is that the students have a chance to inform the passerbyers the reason why they decided to fundraise. It’s always a good to inform unaware individuals that one of the departments is in need of materials or that the campus would like to have better Wi-Fi reception.

Sometimes the causes for fundraisers not captivating the students are for similar reasons. There are different fundraising ideas that a club or department could do. Activities such as having food trucks down the Mall, doing a hopscotch challenge, an egg catch and or even a gift wrapping fundraiser during Christmas among other things. As a result all these ideas could be done outside of campus and it would help that it would provide more space to conduct the activities.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult. As students mature, they are more likely to be daring and have fun. They are also aware of why they’re donating money and if it comes with some good food and fun, they are sold.

It’s understandable that some college students that host said fundraisers cringe at the thought of having to do so, especially with the circumstances that they must deal with people who can be uncooperative and insolent. As a result, fundraising can be a challenging process but it can also have its enjoyable side.

Fundraising is an amazing experience. Fundraisers are an opportunity to socialize with and meet new people. If Pierce were to have more fundraisers it would surely help out the campus more than anything would.