Women’s volleyball preview: Championship or bust

Women’s Volleyball has been preparing for their upcoming season, and plans to keep moving forward. The team brought plenty of excitement last season, and this year they plan to continue where they left off.

“Next season to me, ever since we established the program, has always been putting a team together on the court that is going to win the whole thing. It’s either a championship or bust,” Head Coach Nabil Mardini said.

The ultimate goal is to win the State Championship, according to Mardini. The team has won the State Championship three years in a row from 2010-2012, and came close last season.

“I’m honestly just looking forward to getting a second chance to win the whole thing. We just need everyone to buy into the program. We all have to be willing to put in the work that it takes to get there,” outside hitter Shari Volpis said.

Pierce will be hosting the finals for women’s volleyball this upcoming season for the first time. Mardini believes that his team has the talent to make it.

“Hopefully we go back to the finals like we did last year, and win the whole thing on our own floor,” Mardini said.

During the Spring, the team had the chance to play beach volleyball. According to Mardini, playing on the beach has helped the women improve their skills for indoor volleyball.

“I’ve always looked at beach volleyball as nothing more than helping out indoor players become better players. We have a good group of girls, and we have good leadership,” Mardini said.

Athletic Director Bob Lofrano shares the team’s success not only at conference level but state.

“They’re always at the top of the state, not just top of the area,” Lofrano said. “It’s a very successful program. They get the top girls in, and then they blend together as a team.”

According to Volpis, the team has been spending a lot of time on the beach and in the weight room for improvement.

Mardini would like to start off the upcoming season by winning matches, in preparation not only for playoffs, but for the state championship in December.

“To win state is the only goal. For some colleges it’s to win conference, but that’s not the goal for us, it’s just a standard,” Volpis said.

Mardini has recruited several incoming freshmen and hopes they will bring more value to the team.
“We’re deep in every position. They don’t only talk the talk, they walk the walk.” Mardini said.