Man escorted off campus after incident in South Gym women’s restroom

Man escorted off campus after incident in South Gym women’s restroom

A student reported to the Sheriff’s station Tuesday May 24 that a male looked over the stall at her in the South Gym’s women’s restroom around 9 p.m.

Amy McGovern noticed other students heading the same direction and said she felt safe to use the closest restroom in the South Gym after her night class in the Village.

“As soon as I finished, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and saw someone’s hands and forehead,” McGovern said. “I screamed and he ran away.”
McGovern saw the intruder long enough to noticed he was a male, average height, dark hair and wearing dark clothes.

“I thought I was alone,” McGovern said. “He was so quiet. I didn’t hear anything, no water running or footsteps.”

McGovern ran to the Sheriff’s station where another student reported a similar incident.

Officer J. Brown was working the night McGovern reported the complaint.
“We called him a suspicious person,” Brown said. “We checked him out, he was fine.”

The suspicious person was not a student and was escorted off campus.

“We don’t know if he was a danger or not,” Brown said. “He wasn’t a student but he was causing a problem so we escorted him off campus.”

McGovern did not file a report, but she was disturbed by the incident and encourages others to be aware of their surroundings.

“Maybe we’re not a safe as we think we are. The majority of the campus is not lit at all,” McGovern said. “Don’t walk alone, but with another person when it’s late, to be safe.”

Anyone with information should call Detective Regina Yost at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Community College Bureau at (818) 719-6450 with the reference case number 916-00446-8752-216.

If there is an emergency on campus, people should call the campus sheriff station at (818) 710-4311


Story has been updated to include photographs and contact information to the sheriff station.