Con: Canvas Vs. Moodle

For several years, Pierce has used Moodle as the primary system for both students and staff.

However, this semester, Pierce has replaced the program with a new one called Canvas, which I am not very fond of.

We have now had enough time to decide whether we like this new system better than the previous one and I would still prefer to use Moodle over Canvas. Although canvas now comes in an app, it is basically the same. However, it can be a bit confusing for those that don’t really have the time to figure out how to use this program or to our older students who may struggle with technology.

Canvas is a bit odd and difficult to use. It needs some getting used to, which can be tricky considering every student does not always have the time for it. To many it can be like learning a new language, having to figure out which tab will get you where. The fact that there is a new site this semester with little warning was frustrating for me. I believe there should have been some sort of workshop to introduce Canvas.

When signing onto Canvas, it takes a couple of clicks before the correct tab is found. The new program has too many tabs and makes it difficult for a student to do a simple task, such as checking assignments.

In addition, most students will most likely take an online quiz at some point in their college career and possibly will want to go back and review the questions. Unlike Canvas, Moodle actually allowed students to review quiz questions, which would give them the opportunity to prepare for any upcoming tests.

Most students grew accustomed to the old system, which meant that they typically had no issues with Moodle. For this reason, I believe there was no reason for something that was working well to be removed. Now that Moodle has been replaced, students will face the challenge of having to do their assignments while also learning how to use Canvas.