Inspiring others through music

Inspiring others through music

Often, one may find themselves losing faith when tough times call, but kinesiology and health instructor Diane Kelly aspires to create a change in that through her speeches and music.

Kelly writes and composes music of self-love, self-meaning, and much more.

“Self-love with humility brings grace to the soul, honor to all of life, and peace to the path of least resistance,” Kelly said.

Kelly has been at Pierce for almost 11 years, but she has been an educator for quite some time. She enjoys working at a college because she prefers the amount of responsibility that it takes.

“College is more for me; that’s where I fit in,” Kelly said.

Kelly is an instructor, singer, speaker, author, and a guitarist who wishes to inspire young adults.

“I learn a lot from my students. I really admire the journey that students are on and it is just great to be a part of their life,” Kelly said.

Kelly enjoys singing at family gatherings, and she is also the only member in her family that plays an instrument.

She began playing the guitar at 27, but before that she only sang. She has been performing at concerts, singing, and writing for more than 15 years.

“I took some singing lessons, but I taught myself guitar. It just takes a lot of practice,” Kelly  said.

Kelly has been writing books since 2011. Her first book was based on her poem called “Reflections of a Visionary Path.”

“I put that together after I went through a hard time in life,” Kelly said. “I’ve always been writing poetry so that was my first thing. I just put together a bunch of my best poetry, or at least what I thought, and I was just motivated to write a book.”

Kelly’s second book, “What’s Up Within,” is about self-knowledge and how to find meaning and purpose.

She is currently working on her newest book, “You Don’t Need Permission To Be Yourself,” that will be published by November of this year. Her main focus is to attract young readers and to remind them to be themselves.

“In our society there is so much pressure on kids [to focus on] a ‘to do list’, but there is not a ‘to be list’,” Kelly said. “That’s why we need to stay balanced and stay true to our hearts, and follow the things that we love.”

According to Kelly, young people need to understand that life doesn’t just happen to them. She wants to help people find their true selves and help them live true to themselves.

“We are creating things. The more mindful we are about the power of our mind, creations, and energy, the more we can take control of our life and choices,” Kelly said.

Kelly was asked to do a seminar called “Self-love and the Balanced Soul” at the Imagine Center on Sept. 25 where she talked about how self-love contributes to a balanced life.

“They’re kind of motivational, spiritual health-related talks,” Kelly said.

She said that the event she put on last year, “Live to Inspire,” touched many people’s lives and that it was very successful. She also plans to speak at other colleges as well.

“My whole focus is to be an inspiration. I always tell my students that I hope I’m the most memorable person in the path of their life,” Kelly said.

On Friday, Sept. 23, Kelly had the chance to perform a “Concert for Hope” along with guest speakers, that took place at The Guitar Merchant in Canoga Park.

Kelly believes that people are losing hope during these changing times and hope is important to follow your dreams and passions.

“It’s really important of my life’s purpose. I love music and I love making people happy with my music,” Kelly said.

Kinesiology major, Allyse Leon-Tolbert, has been attending The Guitar Merchant for one year.

“The environment itself speaks volume. The vibrations in the room really do set the tone. Diane speaks about dreams, hopes and loves, all which I find very stimulating for people who think they may be lacking that or maybe lacking one or the other,” Tolbert said.

Adonai Vargas, store manager at The Guitar Merchant, would recommend attending Kelly’s show simply because the music has a good message, and because her voice is nice.

“I like her music. It’s pretty chill. I like the acoustic part of it because it’s very soothing. I’m a music enthusiast, so just hearing somebody play guitar is nice,” Vargas said.