ASO votes for new vice president

A new vice president for the Associated Student Organization (ASO) was elected in the committee meeting on Tuesday Oct. 4.

The 17 committee members in attendance casted their votes for the two candidates, Amir Haghi and Kareen Cohen. Haghi won the election with a vote of 9:8.

“I was prepared for whatever outcome, and it’s ok, I’m still excited to be a part of the senate and can’t wait to work with all the rest of the senators on making Pierce a better place for everyone,” Cohen said.

Haghi, computer science and engineering major, plays for the men’s volleyball team and is the president of the Volleyball Club.

“I was a little surprised on how close it was. I think it was great, my competitor, she had some very nice qualities. We both gave, I think, pretty exceptional speeches,” Haghi said. “The outcome was obviously in my favor so I’m happy, but I’m also happy with the way it went it. It was very fair and very official.”

With the election of a new vice president, Barbara Lombrano, president of the ASO, was previously performing the duties of both president and vice president simultaneously.

“It’s been a lot of work trying to manage everything because, of course, I am a student too,” Lombrano said. “Fitting in my study time and my personal time that everybody needs, so there’s been days where it’s been frustrating, but you just have to keep the big picture in the forefront and know that it’s all worth it.”

A representative of the American Lung Association, Amanda Gutzwiller, spoke about the negative effects smoking has on a person’s life expectancy.

Gutzwiller also promoted a Lung Force awareness walk that will take place Nov. 20 in Studio City. Their group may have more of a presence on the college campus as the day of the event draws nearer.

The Health Center and Wellness Fair will be during spring semesters instead of every semester as previously planned, due to decrease in attendance rates.

Abigail Watson, international student services director and counselor, discussed funding for a diversity Thanksgiving dinner, which aims to educate foreign students about Thanksgiving traditions.

The Film Adaption Committee has received enough funding to continue its film screening series as planned in previous semesters.

The next film screening will be “Hunting Ground,” about sexual assault and college awareness in the Great Hall on Thursday, October 27, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.