Column: Tips for dating men

An easy solution to an age-old question: Who pays on the first date? The person who invites the other out has asserted their interest, and is in an easier position to reach for the check with the minimum amount of awkwardness. Don’t worry so much about splitting bills 50/50. A good man doesn’t actually care about the dollar amount. It’s displaying effort that’ll win his heart.

One of the biggest problems in all relationships is communication—or lack thereof. Unless they specifically state so, most men aren’t mind readers and need to hear when there’s a problem. If he said something you don’t agree with or something that’s inherently wrong…call him on it. This helps establish an open dialogue where, there’s very little bullshit.    

Initiate conversations: there’s nothing more attractive than a person speaking about something they’re passionate about. The best way to see if you’re interests mesh is to actually talk about them. It’s very rare that two people will have nothing in common so just keep on searching until you find out that both of you are obsessed with the same TV show, or both of you have a crazy uncle Larry (hopefully it’s not the same man).

The majority of communication is nonverbal, so if he seems comfortable with contact, gently grabbing his arm while you talk let’s you convey your interest without coming off as too forward. You don’t need whiskey to get frisky.

And finally, people put so much pressure on first dates that you need to remember to just laugh it off. You don’t need to have the same sense of humor as your prospective partner, but you definitely need to be able to laugh with them.