Bruins, Matadors and more

Dozens of universities are set to visit Pierce College on Thursday, Oct. 27 for the annual College Transfer Fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Representatives from around 50 universities will line the Mall, ready to meet with students. The fair is designed to provide students with an opportunity to get information about prospective schools directly from the source, according to Director of the Pierce Transfer Center Sunday Salter.

“Essentially what it’s for is to encourage students to think outside of the UCLA-and-CSUN box that we all live in,” Salter said. “We would like students to broaden their horizons about the schools they might consider.”

As part of the fair, UC Berkeley and USC will be putting on group admissions workshops.

According to Salter, schools that often don’t attend the fair will running these workshops because they know they have interest on campus.

Every UC is scheduled to attend, according to Salter. Other notable schools include Loyola Marymount University, Pepperdine University and Australian school Macquarie University.

“That day is a lot of fun and this year we have sponsorship from Grand Canyon University,” Salter said. “They’re going to be providing a free hot dog and churro vendor for the students.”

Counselor Judy Lam has been at Pierce for three years and sees the advantages the fair gives to students.

“It’s a great place for students to come and talk to the representatives, see what the school’s all about,” Lam said. “If they have any questions about specific majors, it’s their chance to talk to somebody that’s actual flesh and blood from the university.”

For the first time, there will be a game of bingo incorporated into the fair. Students will be given a card with university names in the boxes and questions to ask the representatives. Those who manage to get all the boxes filled will be entered into a raffle for various $25 gift cards. Lam thinks the game will help students get more involved.

“A lot of students just show up like a deer in headlights,” Lam said. “The game should encourage them to ask the right questions and be more involved and interactive with the representatives.”

ASO Senate President Barbara Lombrano likes the opportunity the fair gives to students.

“A lot of times our students don’t get exposed to all the universities they can apply to,” Lombrano said. “I think this is a wonderful thing. I’m looking forward to it myself.”

Staff and faculty have been encouraged to wear their alma maters’ shirts, hats, and jackets on Thursday. The idea is to stimulate conversation in the classroom and get teachers to talk about the steps they took throughout their academic journey, according to Salter.

“Everyone’s path is so unique and a lot of students feel there is only one way to get through this educational path and that’s so not true,” Salter said. “Often our professors’ bachelor’s degree is not related to what their master’s degree is in. That’s always an interesting story to hear.”

There will also be a breakfast for staff and faculty to meet with the university representatives on the morning of the College Transfer Fair. The breakfast will be used as an opportunity for staff to speak with the representatives and gather information to help students.