BESA receives funding for Drucker Day

The Associated Students Organization approved money during the ASO meeting today to fund a trip for the Business Economics Student Association (BESA) to Claremont Graduate University for Drucker Day 2016.

Drucker Day 2016 takes place Saturday, Nov. 5 at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California and allows business students to meet and talk with executives from corporations like Starbucks, KFC and Pizza Hut, according to their website. Drucker Day is organized by the Drucker School of Management at CGU.

“This day is really about teaching entrepreneurs to take leadership and it’s one of the big things for business,” said Malih Kaabbanni, treasurer for BESA. “As business students, we need to learn how to take leadership and this event teaches our students just that.”

Members of BESA attended today’s meeting to request from ASO $800 to pay for the registration costs to attend the event and to address questions and concerns the ASO had during the open forum session.

There were some concerns with the approval of funds because some members within ASO thought that the club may have not done enough fundraising on their own to help offset some of the costs.

“The reason why we were hesitant in funding BESA is because we want to see clubs contribute more money to their own events,” said Mher Mkrtchian, treasurer of ASO. “We want them to come to ASO and say ‘We can contribute as well,’ even if it’s a little bit.”

BESA was able to negotiate with CGU for a 50 percent reduction in cost for students, Jason Cascio, fundraising chair for BESA, said during today’s meeting.

“I never thought of not giving anything, I definitely want to support the club. Clubs, before going to the ASO, they have to be upfront about what they have,” Mkrtchian said. “People pay $7 to get student representation. If we can’t be honest stewards of those funds, then that’s not giving students proper representation.”