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Trump campaign

Donald Trump is my pick for the best platform and my choice for President of the United States. Despite the things that Trump may have said and the “locker room talk,” I focus only on what he has to offer for the country. Putting aside all the negative issues on Trump, look at the theme of his platform– “Make America Great Again.”

In the eyes of the liberal media, that slogan is a white man’s theme or hate against immigrants. However, that is certainly not true. “Make America Great Again” is about those who brought greatness to America. Keep in mind that every immigrant that came to America seeked that last beacon of hope and contributed to the greatness of America. It is “We the People” who built America’s greatness.

The point that Trump is getting across in his platform is that America is slowly losing its greatness due to government regulations and out of control spending. In 1761, James Otis said, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” John Hancock, one of the founding fathers, agreed with Otis. Hancock said he would only sign the Bill of Rights if there was an agreement that there shall not be any taxation without equal representation. All taxation should be equal and fair. Unfortunately, our elective officials in Washington D.C. view our constitution as an outdated document when it is in fact the law of the land.

Trump wants to be the president to bring back our constitutional values and the greatness that has been taken away from our corrupt government. The government should not have any entitlement to anyone’s hard-earned money. By keeping their earnings, the people can buy more goods and keep the economy going.

Unfortunately, the liberal media labels Trump as racist simply because he wants to build a wall to protect our national security. I am a great grandson of Mexican Immigrants, which means I know the difference between racism and common sense. Being an illegal immigrant is not a race. Being an illegal immigrant means that person is a criminal trespasser. Keep in mind that we are a nation of laws. Every country around the world enforces their immigration laws but, for some reason, it is called racism if the U.S. enforces its immigration laws. In America, if a person illegally immigrates from another country, they are deported, only to come back and commit the same crime again.

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