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Pro: Social Networking with Teachers


Social networking is a popular tool in our society that allows us to stay connected with one another.

No matter the medium, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or email, we are easily able to stay in contact with others. It is now easier to stay in contact with friends, peers and our teachers because of how seamlessly social media is in our lives. If those running their social media accounts were to use a tool for their bio link for insta, seamlessly crossing separate platforms together becomes even easier, meaning those trying to find your other socials can do so easily by following the links displayed in your bio, that otherwise wouldn’t be there due Instagrams limit of one link per bio.

Connecting with our instructors through social networking allows students and instructors to form bonds that can last outside of the classroom. It gives us the opportunity to start or continue building friendships after we’ve moved on with our studies or careers.

Many instructors do not really share their interests with students in a classroom environment. Social networks allow them to find out more about each other.

It would be cool if a student or teacher found that they had similar interests in music, movies, books and so on. It enables students to form a better relationship with instructors.

Social media is a more productive way for instructors to stay in contact with their students because many students do not often check their email. Students are more likely to get notifications or updates because they are constantly connected to their social media accounts.

Teachers and students can be considerate about each other’s lives. For example, if they come across a post of losing a loved one, they may be understanding with one another.

Teachers can also use social networks to help shy students communicate with their peers, along with helping them better their communication skills.

Students can become more engaged in class by posting assignments. For example, extra credit can be offered if a student posts something they learned or liked in class each week.

We are all adults, and I do not find anything wrong with teachers and students having each other on social networks, if anything, it benefits the teacher and student.

Sometimes, students don’t realize the importance of building a professional relationship with their instructors. It is important, especially for life after graduation, because our instructors can help guide us with advice in specific career paths because they were once in our shoes.

Through the use of social networking with our teachers we are able to build a professional relationship with them online and stay in contact with them in the future. Therefore, we are able to reach out to them if we need career advice, along with keeping them updated with our lives.

Social media platforms are an easily accessible and favorable way to network. Teachers can recommend their students to reach out to them if they need assistance when applying to jobs.

Social media and social networks continue to evolve each day. We should broaden our social networks to be outside of our friends and family and should include our instructors.
The real purpose of a teacher is to build the future through the minds of their students.