Dancers bop to the top

Dancers bop to the top

Dozens of barefoot students wearing form-fitting clothing and a number pinned onto each of their shirts crowded into the dance studio over the weekend in hopes of being part of the spring dance concert.

All 32 students who auditioned were cast in the show, which will premiere on May 26 at 8 p.m.

After signing in, auditionees were given a number to attach to their shirts so that the dance instructors could identify them.

Each instructor has one or more dance pieces that they are choreographing for the concert, so they each had different requirements for who and how many dancers they were looking for.

Brian Moe, one of the dance teachers and choreographers, said he was looking to cast around seven to 10 dancers for each of his two pieces.

“I think the dancers are doing great,” Moe said during the auditions. “I see a lot of good moves.”

After a group warm up, students were taught six different dances. Afterward, they were split into groups of six for their auditions.

The dance styles included jazz, modern contemporary, musical theatre and hip-hop.

Pierce student Jahla Pope said she auditioned because of her love for dance and to gain experience.

“I like dancing with my peers and pushing myself to pursue something I really want to do,” Pope said.

For Sandy Luque, who has been a part of the Pierce dance department for four years, this audition was about redeeming herself after an injury.

“I’m a dance major and I took a break last year so I want to get back at it,” Luque said.

They will begin rehearsing this week. Depending on the complexity of the piece, dancers will meet for rehearsals once to twice a week.