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Cons: Guns invite danger

Guns on school grounds should never be allowed. There have been countless times when students have brought loaded weapons to school and, even if their intentions aren’t to shoot anyone, caused panic among other students.

If you are carrying a gun, what do you intend to do with it? Most would argue that they want to feel safe, but if we allow guns on school grounds, we’re only causing more problems for ourselves. A gun could easily get into the wrong hands if we’re not careful. However, if you are thinking of having a gun, then you should make sure that you should check out these weapon storage solutions here so you can keep them safe.

Someone who intends to use a gun could easily do so. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, there have been 186 school shootings according to an article published in October 2015 by the Los Angeles Times. That number alone is why I’m against having guns on school grounds.

The violence will only get worse if guns are allowed, so more should be done to prevent additional school shootings. If a fight were to break out between students at a school that allows guns, and they both pull a gun out on each other, then what do you do?

Supporting guns on school grounds is the same as supporting violence. The violence we see at schools across America isn’t going to end unless something is done. I don’t see the benefits of having guns on school grounds.

It only promotes more violence. It isn’t right for a student at any level to have the right to walk into school with a gun. When will a student ever have to fire a gun at school? If guns are allowed, then are students going to walk around until something bad happens to possibly use it?

If students don’t have any intentions of using their guns, then what is the point of carrying one on school grounds in the first place? If a shooter, not from the school, were to go on campus and fire a gun, it would be unnecessary for students to get involved and risk their lives.

It’s a police officer’s duty to protect and serve, but that doesn’t mean we have to do the same for ourselves. Preventing violence is the main reason why guns shouldn’t be allowed on school grounds.

Too many people are losing their lives at schools. School is supposed to be a place of learning, not a place of violence. Banning guns from school grounds might not end school violence completely, but it’s a big step forward toward preventing it from happening again.

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