Wine-ing OK’d on campus

No alcohol on campus.

However, faculty will be able to enjoy beer and wine at this year’s awards dinner on May 12.

“The faculty awards dinner has been awarded a permit that will allow beer and wine to be served,” said Angela Belden treasurer for the Academic Senate.

Director of the Student Health Center Beth Benne said there was agreement among the committee that serving alcohol would commemorate the culmination of another term.

“Some people on the committee thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the end of the semester,” Benne said.

To receive an alcohol permit by the Board of Trustees from LACCD, the Faculty Senate Association had to adhere to specific guidelines, according to Events and Recognitions Committee Chair Jennifer Moses.

She specified that this was not a college or district-sponsored event.

“This event is of the Faculty Senate Association, which is a separate entity, with its own charter and bylaws,” Moses said. “Additionally, the event is not open or advertised to the public.”

She compared this event to those run by the Art and Architecture Department which serve alcohol. Those events are sponsored by an outside entity.

Moses said the committee received written approval from the chancellor to serve beer and wine.

No district employees are permitted to be involved in the sale, transfer or dispensing of alcoholic beverages.

“Two non-Pierce employee volunteers will be purchasing, transporting and serving the beer and wine,” Moses said.

In addition, the Faculty Senate Association was required to purchase $5 million worth of insurance for the event.

Benne said that there was some apprehension about having alcohol at such an occasion.

“We had some mixed feelings in the meeting,” Benne said. “There was uneasiness that people might over-imbibe, and we didn’t know how to approach that.”