Heat treatment

With artwork totaling approximately $613,000, eight artists bring their collection to “Heat Treatment: Whimsical Vessels and Figures,” a group ceramics exhibition on display in Art 3301 until April 14.

Biliana Popova is one of the artists with pieces displayed in the exhibition. Her works of art are creations of female figures.

Popova’s “Resting Figurine,” priced at $4,000, is the most expensive piece in the exhibition.

Pierce student Armineh Vartanian has helped prepare and arrange the exhibitions in the Art Gallery since 2013, but says “Heat Treatment” is the most unique one she has seen.

“It’s so exciting to me. I like it a lot,” Vartanian said. “Maybe because it is really different from what I saw before, maybe the arrangement or the small figures like Popova’s.”

Randy Au is another artist with work on display. One of his pieces is titled “Entwined Teapot.” Art major Ezat Monfared said the piece was one of his favorite in the exhibit.

“The light colors and the forms are inspiration for my future works,” said Monfared.

Au is well-known for his ceramic piece titled “Vegetable Series.” The vessel is inspired by Egyptian, Southwestern and contemporary American references.

Artist Vince Palacios has a series of ceramics, “The Alchemy Series.” Palacios studied  theology and psychology.

His artist statement reads: “There are persistent forms, suggestions, images that show up again and again in my work. I have chosen not to ignore them.”

Among the relatively small statues, a big-headed sculpture stands out. Created by ceramic sculptor Gina Lawson Egan, the displayed works are sculptures of heads or faces.

“Ceramic work made in ancient America and Africa inspires me,” Egan said. “It conveys a mood to the viewer. It is purposely ambiguous so that a viewer can interpret his or her own ideas to the work.”

The next exhibit in the Pierce Art Gallery will be the 2017 Student Art Exhibit from May 4 through May 23.