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Money does grow on trees

If trees on campus could talk they’d appreciate Pierce’s commitment to a greener tomorrow.

As a new member of Tree Campus USA, an organization that honors schools for maintaining their trees and encouraging student engagement, Pierce College is holding a tree-awareness poster contest and the winners will receive $100 gift cards.

Pierce will host a tree identification event on April 28 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. The event is open to students, staff, children and community members.

Senior Secretary Sean Khalifehzadeh explained one of the reasons that Pierce became a member of Tree Campus USA was to show appreciation for the campus. Pierce hopes to demonstrate to the community they are doing what they can to try maintaining a greener environment.

“We hope whoever participates in this event gets a greater appreciation for the campus and the trees. Arbor Day is all about recognizing the importance of trees, the community and the environment as a whole,” Khalifehzadeh said.

Executive Assistant Cheryl Smith said, participants will be raising a Tree Campus USA flag, as well as looking at all the signs the agriculture department put on the trees around the Mall.

“Being a member of Tree Campus USA means that we have to hold an event for Arbor Day,” Smith said. “We decided we will start at the flag poles and then walk down to Rocky Young Park and talk about all the different trees that we have.”

Participants of the poster contest must create designs that have to do with the phrase “Plant a tree for your tomorrow.”

“There are three categories for the poster contest. The first category is the child development kids, the second category is Pierce students and the third category is the staff and community members,” Smith said.

The submissions will be displayed at Rocky Young Park and the winners from each category will be receiving a prize at the end of the event.

“Everyone that participates will be getting a free tree seedling until they run out,” Smith said.  

The Pierce students, staff and community members who win in their respective categories will receive a $100 gift card to a local nursery. The child who wins will be receiving an Arbor Day T-shirt.

Child Development professor Evelyn Paz said having an event for Arbor Day will likely help bring the community together.

“I think that anytime that a committee or organization has these events, it shows and sends a message to our neighbors that we are a positive and a strong community.”

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