ASO elections: The results are in

The Associated Students Organization (ASO) executive board candidates hit the Mall hard as they tried to sway students to vote for them on April 26 and 27.

Efren Lopez was elected president by a 260-148 vote. Janvi “Isha” Pasricha won the vice president position, 306-109. Matthew Aguilera was approved for treasurer 360-8, and Kosar Afsari was approved for club council president 365-9.

While campaigning, the ASO candidates pushed hard each day through the hot weather to engage with students and promote their platforms.

“Campaigning has been so hard,” Pasricha said. “I was getting up early at six o’clock in the morning, and coming here at seven, putting up my posters. It is really tenacious as you have to talk to people, give flyers out to really get your message out there and show who is the better candidate.”

But Pasricha said being out there was also energizing.

“I enjoyed my time campaigning because this is something I am really proud and passionate about. Putting any effort in it, it’s not a bother,” she said.

Pasricha said she is happy her campaign paid off.

“I believe the real hard work is just about to begin,” Pasrich said. “Now I have a great responsibility that I need to fulfill by doing more than what’s expected of me if I want to make real changes on our campus. I am looking forward to being in the position and working alongside President Efren Lopez to make our campus better.”

Professor Charles Johnson, who was monitoring the poll box, says the turnout was more than expected.

“It was much higher than the last previous couple of elections and went really well with a lot of participation. The candidates were very excited and were really advertising themselves and getting out there,” Johnson said.

Efron Lopez, president elect, is thankful for every student that came out to vote.

“We had a really amazing turnout, which means students are becoming more involved in the civic process that controls their college experience,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that he is up for the challenge of what his new position entitles.

“Now I will be acquiring all the responsibility that comes with the ASO presidency,” Lopez said. “That means being the voice of the students in this great and diverse campus. With the help of the upcoming Student Senate next year, I hope to accomplish a lot.”

Tara Makabi, vice presidential candidate, said she had a good time while out on the Mall.

“Campaigning has been interesting,” Makabi said. “I got to meet a lot of different people, and it is really cool getting to see all of the different types of personalities. It has been very fun, in my opinion, helping support our school.”

Makabi said the turnout has made her thankful for all of the students who participated.

“I think the voting went good,” Makabi said. “Intense, if you want the truth. People were out there voting, and I appreciate that, for whoever they voted for. As long as they were voting, that’s what matters.”

Makabi is proud that she stepped out of her bounds to try something she hasn’t done before.

“Of course I’m disappointed, but this was definitely such a different experience than what I’m used to,” Makabi said. “I’ve never taken chances or risks before. The Tara in high school would have never run for VP of her school. So I’m so proud I did this.”

Shayna Lavi, presidential candidate, thanks her friend for being out there campaigning alongside her.

“It was amazing, mostly for the fact that I had Makobi right beside me,” Lavi said. “We did a lot of work, printing out fliers and huge posters. The biggest thing for us was actually talking to people. Putting fliers up is great, but without the human interaction aspect of things it wouldn’t matter.”

Lavi said she was curious about the results of her hard work and determination.

“I was interested in seeing the turnout even though I was very nervous. Either way, I am happy, I am glad I made the effort, I am glad I tried, I am glad that I did it,” Lavi said.