Season Review: Tennis

The tennis team saw a major improvement compared to one year ago when they finished 0-11. This season, they finished with an overall record of 3-8.

Long Dao, head coach, said that every year he looks to improve the team’s wins.

“This year, the team did better than last year. That’s something that I always look for, that we progress a little bit more and become a little bit more successful each year,” Dao said.

The tennis team had a total of eight players this season. Although this is slightly above the six player minimum required for the tennis team, this left little time for the players to rest.

“I would like to see around 10 to 12 players so that we have extra guys so some of our top guys can rest during the season. It’s always rough if the same six to seven people play, because it’s no way for me to rest them throughout the season. They keep having to grind from week to week without any rest so that’s always a difficult thing,” Dao said.

Although the team didn’t have an excess amount of players playing this season, Giovane Octaviano and Johnny Barcohana managed to make it to the state tournaments in Ojai California, bringing the team’s conference win record to 2-6.

Bob Lofrano, athletic director, said that the team had a rather productive year by making it to the championship.

“They had a successful year; they were good. They went out and competed every time.  A couple of them advanced to the state championship last weekend in Ojai, so when you get that, that’s good. The players are playing well,” Lofrano said.


Giovane Octaviano, number two doubles and number three singles, said making it to the Ojai Tournaments was an eye-opening experience for him.

“It was a first experience for me. It was fun. I got to travel with some of the team and just getting to see the competitive aspect of Southern California’s very good tennis competition out there,” Octaviano said.

Sowgol Sadeghi, seventh rank, is the only woman to play on the men’s tennis team. Sadeghi said that having the privilege to play on the team this season was a moment she’ll never forget. The team was able to come together and support one another throughout the season.

“This was my best experience, because I was so blessed to be a part of the team. They’re all supportive and they all know what they’re doing,” Sadeghi said.

The team improved not only statistically, but they began to work more as a unit this season, trying to win more games for the school, while also supporting one another on the court.

“The team is starting to become more cohesive, and everyone is starting to have that Brahma pride as they step on the court,” Dao said.