Pro: Group work

Effective group studies can solve procrastination and benefit students’ workload when working with others. It doesn’t have to feel like a daunting task. It all depends on how serious the members in your group are. If they want to get a good grade and pass the class, they’ll get motivated to do the work.

True, working in groups teaches us the value of teamwork, responsibility and communication, but it also prepares us with problem-solving abilities and patience. Almost every job requires behavioral interactions among people, so working in groups can help prepare you for your career.

Group projects give you an opportunity to share thoughts and compare notes with one another. Your classmate might have information that you probably didn’t write down.

I’ve experienced successful group projects where I learned more in a small group rather than a classroom of 50 students They don’t create more stress, they help divide it within each other and can help you figure out who can do what in the project. If someone is familiar with PowerPoint, they can create it and the others can help provide the information.

I’m going to agree with not having time outside class to meet up with your group, I couldn’t meet up sometimes because I was running late or I had class when they all didn’t; however, it all depends how much you care about your grade. You’ll make time to meet up with your group, and studying for even a few minutes helps you absorb the information thoroughly if you have others to motivate you.

Get easily distracted? Libraries can provide private study rooms for students who want to work, but also talk freely. Group projects can help you cover more material quicker. By separating chapters and creating a summary of what you collected, it can help minimize the workload.

According to an article on, the group project size recommendation is between 4 and 5, to minimize the socialization and maximize the contribution. Study sessions should be more than an hour, but shouldn’t last more than 3 hours. Shorter sessions tend to feel rushed and unproductive.

Who said group projects are stressful? Working alongside your classmates can be a fun and good time to make new friends. If you put aside your egos and personalities and focus on the work, it could be an opportunity to work together as a group. You can celebrate by grabbing a bite to eat or going out for drinks afterwards.

Group projects can also turn into quiz sessions in which you quiz each other with definitions, math problems, etc. If you are constantly repeating definitions or math solutions, it helps improve your knowledge retention and it helps you better absorb the information.

Lastly, group projects give you the opportunity to ask your classmates questions about topics you’re struggling with. Someone in your group can help you if your instructor can’t.