Pro: Undecided major

Students who start college off with an undecided major can explore a variety of opportunities without the pressure of making an informed decision.

Your first year of college should be used to build a strong GPA by getting all of your general education courses out of the way. During this first year of college, students can learn about multiple majors and research several career options.

Starting off with a strong curriculum of core classes allows students to explore a lot of academic areas, and they may eventually choose a major from their required general education courses.

It is best to wait and give yourself time before jumping into things. Even if you are certain about what you want to major in, you should still wait because you will more than likely change your mind. In college, you are exposed to an endless amount of courses and you will want to look into them.

Also, it is not required to declare a major at the start of college. So, why rush? A lot of advisors suggest you wait until your sophomore year in college to decide on a specific subject.

The amount of options and offerings are overwhelming. There is no need to pressure yourself into choosing a concentration from the get go.

Students who hold off on declaring a major might eventually become inspired by their professors and other faculty members, and they may guide them into the right path. Faculty can provide an abundance of ideas and become mentors for their students.

College is supposed to encourage you to explore and look into what is offered. That is what the college environment is all about – to find yourself within all the resources provided.

You shouldn’t have to rush through college. It should be an experience and a chance to have fun and discover your options. Take your time, this is not a competition.

A lot of times, students who start off with a decided major end up changing it or disliking it. Don’t choose a career path because you heard it “pays well,” choose something because it falls along your interests.

I started off as an undecided major. I was taking all the basic classes (math, english and science) and during that time, I also took a journalism class to fulfill a requirement. I ended up really enjoying it, and decided to concentrate in that area.

Keeping an open mind comes a long way. There are hundreds of areas and subjects to choose from, and you will find your calling when the time is right.

Throughout your time in college, you will come to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you will learn what is suitable for you and what isn’t.