Season review: Swim and Dive

The Brahmas’ swim and dive season ended with three divers moving on to compete at the state championships at East LA in a year that saw huge improvement from both swimmers and divers.

Swim coach Judi Terhar reflects on the season and mentions the hard work and dedication that each athlete gave this season.

“Swimming is a rigorous sport. It is not for the lazy or the person who wants to dabble in sports,” Terhar said. “The swimmers this year were not the fastest we have ever coached, but they were hardworking, enjoyed each other’s company, and showed up daily.”

The goal for the team this year was to place swimmers in events in which they could score at conference by being in the top 16. The big finals are for the teams that finish in positions one through eight.

The consolation finals are for those that place nine through 16 in the standings. Then, for the very elite, the top 16 in California go to the state championships.

This year, the team had three male divers and two female divers. Three of the five divers made it to the state championships.

Stephanie Rodriguez’s stats for this season include finishing third in the one-meter diving competition, fourth in the three-meter, and ninth in the 200-meter butterfly.

Gerryleo Sarmiento’s finishes include placing 10th in the 200-yard butterfly, 12th in the 1650-yard freestyle and 15th in the 500-yard event.

“I felt that we had a really great season. Even though the swimmers did not make it to state championships, we all beat our personal records. We have all improved, and that is all what we want to keep growing as athletes,” Sarmiento said.

Freshman Lily Pang’s performances include finishing 13th in the 200-yard butterfly, 14th in the 100-yard, and second alternate in the 200 individual medley.

Shaina Casey’s best finishes this season include placing seventh in the 100-yard breaststrokes and ninth in the 200-yard event.

In the men’s team, Jose Lamas originally started out at Valley College. He decided to come to Pierce because his mom died in his first year of college.

Lamas’s season includes placing eighth in the 1650-yard freestyle, ninth in the 400 individual medley, and 13th in the 500 free. He smashed his times and reached all his goals.

Thaddaeus Adams’ performance this year includes finishing eighth in the 100-yard butterfly and 10th in the 500-yard freestyle. He would have placed ninth in the 200-yard fly, but was disqualified.

Ahmedjibreel Zavhar, who competed at state, enjoyed being with his teammates, and said it was an honor for him to make it to the big stage with two of his fellow divers.

“Try something new if you’d like. I always enjoyed watching the divers at Pierce, and all it took was one question, couple months of practice, and having fun, until I eventually made it to state with my awesome teammates,” Zavhar said. “As cheesy as it is, I guess you will never know unless you try. Now I couldn’t be happier with this decision of just trying something new.”

The team is going to lose a few of their players because most of the team was there last year and are moving on.

“This was my last season on the swim team, and I want to just to say that I am very proud of our team for not giving up and staying positive throughout it all. Remember, that pain is temporary, but pride is forever,” Sarmiento said.