Hunger on the hill

Students taking classes near the Food Court or the Brahma Cafe have time in between classes to grab a decent meal or a quick sandwich, but not for students who have classes in the Art Hill.

Unfortunately, students taking classes on the Art Hill don’t have a chance to run downstairs to grab a bite to eat. Their only options are the vending machines filled with chips, candy and energy drinks.

Most art, theater and music students are on campus all day, practicing or rehearsing, so why not allow a food truck to park on the Art Hill to give students more than vending machine snacks?

According to the Pierce College spring schedule catalog, there are about 70 classes located in the art center this semester. Long sessions are great for students who want to attend one class a week rather than every day, but those classes can feel like they last forever when students only get a quick break.

Eating healthy is students’ last priority, and bringing lunch from home is a hassle for most students. Snacks are great on the go, but not for students who have to skip dinner because of their night classes. 10-15 minute isn’t enough to take a trip downstairs to get food.

The Falafelicious Food Court and the Hot Sauce food truck serves a good amount of the students taking classes in the Village, Botanical Garden, Center for Sciences and Business Education Building, but what about the students taking classes in the Art Hill?

Short breaks won’t be enough time for the student to walk downstairs, order and wait. They would most likely be late and have to eat their food while walking back upstairs.

In the fall, if the district chooses a different vendor, they should be able to move a food truck or provide more food options to reach students around campus.

The food truck near the Brahma Bull on the Mall could be moved up the Art Hill for students who don’t want to take a trip downstairs. More food spots on campus can benefit the students from walking far and the food truck to gain customers.