Save lives, teach basic life support

It should be necessary for all faculty, staff and students to be trained in Basic Life Support and emergency procedures, such as lockdowns, due to terror attacks that have occurred in large settings like Pierce College.

According to CBS News, In November of 2016, a man deliberately rammed students at Ohio State University with his vehicle and began to stab them afterward. Eleven people were wounded during this incident. One of these victims hid for about 90 minutes before she could be treated.

If this individual would have been trained she could have potentially stopped her own bleeding until further medical response arrived.

There have been victims whom bled to death that could have survived if they had known how to treat themselves, or if someone nearby could have helped as well.

It is crucial for all schools and public places to take an initiative in training everyone on board to avoid such situations. Nobody should have to die from something that can be easily prevented.

Lockdown drills are also a necessity. They make sure that everyone knows what to do in case a real lockdown or emergency ever does takes place.

There have been several lockdowns at Pierce College where students were wandering the halls and did not know where to go.

The purpose of a lockdown is to keep everyone on campus safe if there is ever a threat, such as a shooter on school grounds. Students and staff are to clear the halls if a lockdown occurs and go inside the nearest classroom or building. It may seem like common knowledge, but going over a procedure such as this is important.

Lockdown drills create a sense of security and safety for students, faculty and staff.

We don’t live in a perfect community, and emergencies are bound to happen. It should be a priority to protect our people and prepare for whatever life throws at us.