ASO cuts funds, pushes fundraising

ASO cuts funds, pushes fundraising

ASO has partially stopped funding events and club activities at Pierce College following new leadership, which seeks to restructure policies and give new recommendations for what ASO members can do to raise funding.  

Clubs on campus will have to continue to partially fund themselves this semester while the ASO upholds its restructured policies on budgeting and financing.

“In a sense, with this ASO, we try to really revamp and live up to what the student government should be at college,” ASO President Efren Lopez said. “There is going to be a lot of structural change in ASO.”

Lopez said that previous leadership was lenient when it came to funding activities; however, the ASO is encouraging clubs to seek other alternatives such as fundraising for their events.

ASO treasurer Matthew Aguilera said, with a focus on budgeting, only significant items that clubs and departments need will be financed.

“We are encouraging clubs and departments to fundraise for particular things they are requesting that don’t correlate with the goals of ASO,” Aguilera said. “Things that are not significant to their cause like food, drinks; we are not catering to students in that sense. We are trying to support them with larger, more significant items.”

The Graphic Literature Club disbanded in spring due to disinterest is rechartering this semester. According to the club’s president Patrick Genter, ASO didn’t fund them, so they had to fundraise themselves.

“The last time we did a fundraiser was last fall semester. From there, we made $163 in funds,” Genter said. “What ASO does help us with, is providing the paperwork we need to fill out for fundraising events.”

Lopez said that Pierce clubs can take initiative and ask outside organizations for donations and funds.

“It depends on how the students of the club are willing to engage and network outside of Pierce College,” Lopez said. “ASO can provide funds, depending on what you are asking for.”

According to Aguilera, there will be a club finance training workshop on Sept. 27. Fundraising, he said, teaches club members useful organization techniques.

“When a club goes out and fundraises, it actually encourages creativity and engagement. It facilitates a connection between the club itself, the students, and the college,” Aguilera said.