Group work cramps my style

Group projects add too much drama to the already stressful life of a hardworking college student.

Imagine being forced to be in a group with three other people you know nothing about. You must exchange numbers and keep in contact, but after the assignment is done, you continue to receive messages from one of your groupmates.

The classmate may message you inappropriate things at all hours of the night. Then you have to see them in class…that’s awkward.

Individuals get stuck working in group projects, and they have to pull the majority of the weight. They are forced to work with people they don’t know, and work harder because others in the group are not taking it as seriously.

Individual thinking could also be affected in the process of group projects. While the main objective is to get one end result, most times not everyone’s ideas and opinions do not get heard. This forces members of group to not even say their opinion on what should be done or they don’t even try to come up with their own ideas.

The timing of completing a project could also be held back. Say you are on a tight schedule for finishing the project, and everyone can not agree with on decision. This pushes back when the project can be done and not having to rush and finish it in the last hour.

Getting everyone to meet at the same time can be a complete nightmare. One person might work and attend school and is only available at night. The group members’ schedules may conflict. It’s even worse if the group consists of three or more people. Coordinating only 1-2 hours of time with that many people’s schedules is practically impossible.

Dealing with multiple personalities can be a lot to handle as well. You may have the person who gives no input whatsoever, the person who is stubborn and believes all their ideas are correct, or the person that has no idea what’s going on in the first place. How in the world are you supposed to pull these people together so you can get your “A” and be done?