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Error: Network connection not found

The Mall marquee has been malfunctioning since last year’s construction of the North of Mall, displaying inaccurate information before being shut off entirely last semester. There is no timetable for its repair.

The marquee was previously used to present information about the school, such as upcoming event dates, but it has been off throughout this semester without use. The Mall marquee has been off for a semester, and prior to that, it was displaying outdated information.

Associate Vice President Larry Kraus explained that the marquee is inactive because of problems with a cable connection.

“During construction of the North of Mall, cabling that connects the marquee to the computer network connection was disconnected,” Kraus said. “We were looking for the cable but were unable to locate it.”

Information Technology Manager Mark Henderson said that the cabling issue will be resolved.

“The Mall marquee will be down until we re-route the cabling to another location. That will allow for ease of administration by the department that will be in charge of providing content,” Henderson said.

Director of Facilities Paul Neiman said that the marquee does work, but the only problem is the lack of a network connection.

“From the facility side, the unit has power and functions, however, there is some sort of computer communications issue,” Nieman said.

The Mall marquee does have power, but Kraus explained that without the cable connection, there is no way to program new information into the marquee.

The marquee can now only run off its own internal memory, and this is why when it is powered on, the marquee displays old information.

The plan now is to create a new connection, but there is no timetable for the repair.

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