You want options? We’ve got them.

You want options? We’ve got them.

If students want a bite to eat, they can either sit down for a meal or choose the grab-and-go option.

A food truck parked at the front of the South Gym serves a diverse menu of fast food, including fries, burgers and burritos. They have a breakfast menu as well as lunch and dinner options.

The Brahma Café offers students caffeine, such as coffee and tea, as well as sandwiches and baked goods.

One of the most popular drinks is the Thai iced tea.

There also is the cafeteria catered by Pacific Dining, which tries to serve the needs of hungry students between classes.

They offer pre-packaged foods as well as made-to-order dishes.

There were two other food trucks on campus, but once the Los Angeles Community College District made a change in fall 2017, the others were removed.