Softball season canceled

Softball season canceled

After softball season was delayed for the first two weeks, the team was set to prepare for the game against Moorpark College on Thursday, however the season has been canceled.

The team originally lost six players and they were in danger of not having a season. However, they did get players to field a team, but according to head coach Breanne Parr not all were cleared.

“Not all players were cleared on time,” Parr said. “Unfortunately, because of that, we don’t have a team and we are not going to have a season.”

The team last year finished with a 2-33 overall record, and their pitcher Madison Tupper died in May.

A new player to the softball team said she looked forward to the upcoming season, she said she wanted her name to remain anonymous due to potential repercussions.

She came out to join the team because they needed girls, but said didn’t have much of a reaction in terms of the season being cancelled.

“They just needed girls and we needed to get everything done before the 22nd and some of us were not cleared. We didn’t have enough classes, so that was why softball season had to end,” she said.

The unnamed player said that there should have been more girls on the team even before the season was started.

“They [the coaches] should have been recruiting more girls before the season,” she said. “They wanted to have a team and a good season and they wanted committed girls so that should be up to them.”

She said that if the coaches knew they weren’t fully focused on the team, they needed to bring players in who would be interested.

“If they already knew that girls weren’t committed, they needed to start searching for girls who would be committed,” she said.

The unnamed player said that the coaches procrastinated in their recruitment and that they should have taken it more seriously.

Athletic Director Moriah van Norman said that not having a team this season is frustrating, but has faith that the team will rebound.

“It’s sad for the players and coaches, because they wanted to have a season, but I believe that the program will rebound from this,” van Norman said.