Infielder aims to make it to the majors

Infielder aims to make it to the majors

Most baseball players dream of playing in the Major Leagues. Brandon Lewis, infielder, is no exception.

He will be transferring to UC Irvine in the Fall, taking one step closer to making his dream a reality.

Lewis has 12 runs and seven RBI’s this season. He practices baseball every day with his team except for Sundays.

“I’m just trying to do my job and get on base for the guys, they’ve been doing a great job at getting me in,” Lewis said. “Ultimately the goal is to make it to the big league, we’ll see how it goes.”

Lewis has been playing baseball since he was four years old and looks up to his father because he plays a big part in his life.

Lewis had the opportunity to go to CSUN, but decided against it during the summer.

“It was a good offer,but I felt it wasn’t the right fit for me and how the program was ran I felt it didn’t meet all my needs, Lewis said. “I felt I’d be more comfortable somewhere else.”

Head Coach Bill Picketts said that he’s known Lewis since he was 14 years old.

Picketts’ son played baseball with Lewis at Alemany High School, so he’s seen him play and grow for the past six years.

Picketts said Lewis is a good leader and knows how to have fun as well as work hard.

“Not only can he can hit, but he has a ton of power, and has a good feel for the game. Lewis understands the way the game is supposed to be played,”  Picketts said.

Picketts said that Lewis’ strongest point is the ability to work and not give up.

Picketts revealed that, in high school, Lewis was a big kid and weighed about 50 pounds heavier than he does now.

Lewis got his body in shape and became a much better athlete. He can now run and throw better than he did before.

“His all-around game is basically his strength, he can do anything,” Picketts said.

Bryce Vitt, catcher, said that he admires that Lewis does not let mistakes get to him.

“I like his attitude; he never seems to be down, even when he strikes out,” Vitt said. “ He is never really out of the game, he’s always locked in.”

Vitt said that Lewis gets everyone hyped up, and that he’s a great leader.

Picketts said Lewis is a coachable player. He said that other players who move on sometimes are difficult to coach.

“A lot of guys who are good and have had the opportunity or get the opportunity to move on and play at division one are difficult to get through to sometimes,”  Picketts said. “Lewis has always been coachable. Whenever they had private talks about doing something as far as being a leader or a captain, Lewis had no problem doing that.”

Picketts said he sees Lewis being successful when he transfers this semester.

“He’s a phenomenal player and getting the opportunity to play at UCI next year is because of that ability,” Picketts said. “It’s been a joy, I’m going to miss him when he leaves, this is going to be the first time I haven’t watched him play for 6 years since a freshman in high school.”