Streetbeat: Favorite Technology

What is your favorite use of technology?

“I just bought a Switch, which is a game console, and I’ve been on it way too much. I think the portability is really cool and the battery life is three hours, but I think that’s perfect.”
-Nazarat Jarekian, 18, Business

“My Chromebook because it’s a laptop and a tablet at the same time. I like taking notes with it because it saves paper.”
-Kristen Cabayan, 30, Biology

“The computer because it makes everything easier because you can type papers with it or play video games on there if you want. You can also listen to music.”
-Dustin Tan, 19, Nursing

“I have a lot of old games, so the Game Boy DMG. I still play Pokemon and older games like Tetris on it.”
-Brian Park, 24, Biochemistry

Photos by Erick Salgado