Column: Transparency

Column: Transparency

When it comes to elections, the populace is often unaware of the real motives that drive candidates to seek the positions they were selected for or how they truly got there.

In schools, it is important that students, faculty and staff are given enough information to be made aware of who is being considered and their background and the stances they take.

A candidate running for a position on campus should be announce publicly before the selection process ever begins.

In college, the administration should not only speak openly with students, staff and faculty, they should make themselves readily available.

Meetings and assignments aside, there’s never a reason to put off the needs and the wants of students, let alone staff and faculty.

We have no idea who is being considered for our new president, or our interim for that fact. We have to hope this person hasn’t run another school in a bad direction. We have to hope they are a good fit and are qualified to lead us based on other roles they have played.

We have to hope and dream. Wait, does this sound weird and repetitive? It’s because it is.

All we can do is hope and dream that the person that replaces Kathleen Burke will help build the school up and not lead us down a path of destruction.

We haven’t heard from the LACCD district who they are considering or who has applied yet. They say that will begin soon. Well, I hope they let us know who is interested in leading us, because without a good head, the body will crumble.

So my plea is that we deserve some transparency. We just want to know what kind of person will be sitting at that desk in the Alder building.