Brahma bottle service

Brahma bottle service

While there are recycling bins throughout the campus, Pierce lacks a system that reduces plastic waste. The school is missing out on the opportunity to save school’s and the student’s money and help the environment.

Pierce sells plastic water bottles on campus and does not have a solid program to ensure that it gets properly recycled.

Pierce should make the switch and ban the selling of bottled water on campus. Strictly selling reusable bottles and installing water filling stations would be better for students.

According to the Specialty Food Association, bottled water is the top beverage purchase among Gen Z college students, with 43 percent consuming it seven or more times per week.

Ban The Bottle states, “The U.S.’s recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means 38 billion water bottles – more than $1 billion worth of plastic – are wasted each year.”

By switching to reusable bottles, consumers save money by refilling a bottle with tap water and reduce the risk for coming in contact with harmful chemicals, such as BPA, that can be found in disposable plastic water bottles.

Pierce would save money by terminating the sales of plastic water bottles. Money can be put toward creating water bottles designed specifically for Pierce. This also could act as a form of advertisement outside of campus as students use their bottles with the Pierce logo.

To ensure that students are still drinking water on campus, water refilling stations could be installed. shows that one refilling station may cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

The Because Water website states that there are grants for schools to help create places on campus to refill reusable water bottles.

If Pierce reduced its plastic waste by removing disposable plastic water bottles, the school and the students would save more money and there would still be plenty of opportunity to be sure that water is readily available for everyone on campus.