Summer session

Summer session

All athletes that are participating in  fall sports were given the opportunity to be a part of an eight-week summer session class to prepare for the season.

The eight-week, one-unit course, approved by Vice President of Academic Affairs Sheri Berger, was not mandatory, and allowed teams to physically and mentally prepare for the upcoming season.

Athletic Director Moriah Van Norman was excited the course was approved. She believes the students are lucky to have a vice president that cares about their interests academically and in sports.

“It’s the first time ever that all of our fall sports have gotten a pre-season conditioning course. Judi Terhar has been coaching here for years and this is the first time she’s actually had a course which is great for student retention, completion, but also preventative for injuries,” Van Norman said. “So, it was exciting that Sheri Berger, our vice president, approved it on the academic side.”

Lindsey Duncan, assistant water polo coach, said the course allowed the athletes to be prepared as the season started. The time saved on conditioning the team could go towards learning tactical skills and gameplay.

The course allowed Terhar, the water polo head coach, and Duncan gauge how much interest there was in the sport. In the course were players for the coming season, and high school students that may play in the future.

“We were able to focus on skills, conditioning, and basically help prepare our girls to be ready as soon as the season started to get into more gameplay and less conditioning, and tactical work,” Duncan said.

The course also allowed the team to bond before the season began.

“I think overall, especially for some of the newer girls, the freshman coming in, it helped them get acclimated to what we expect. Conditioning-wise, they were able to be conditioned much quicker. So, we don’t have to take as long at the beginning of the season which is basically what we wanted and they’re able to bond more as a team,” Duncan said.

Rachel Wiley, opposite hitter for women’s volleyball and chemistry major, participated in the eight-week session.

“It was just a few girls, but I think that we really conditioned hard and practiced at a good level and at a certain level that we need to. I think we practiced efficiently and practiced hard. I think we’re ready for the season,” Wiley said.