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New technology is delayed

Tempers flared and voiced were raised regarding technological advancement at the Nov. 29 Pierce College Council (PCC) meeting.

Faculty were told that within a year they will get new technology, but during PCC they were told the timeline was extended to December 2020.

Chair of Modern Language Department Fernando Oleas is concerned how many times North of Mall Phase II has been delayed. This project brings updated technology to more classrooms on campus.

“We cannot leave the students under those conditions for the next two years,” Oleas said. “The timeline that was given is unacceptable.”

Many faculty joined the discussion explaining numerous buildings on campus do not have adequate technology.

Chairman of Psychology and Statistics Maria Perser said she has seen better technology on other campuses.

“In the 1300s, 1400s, and 1500s buildings, we are in the Dark Ages,” Perser said.

The technology in the buildings are outdated to the point of being unusable.

Perser said the only electronics those classrooms have are a television set and VCR.

Anna Bruzzese, a professor of sociology, told the council that she brings her own projector to her classes. She then asked if teachers will be compensated for the extra technology they buy because of the lack of resources available.

While discussing, the council was unable to see what was causing the delay in the timeline.

We should start the project now or during the winter session when there aren’t as many classes,” said Oleas. “I’m ready to start tomorrow.”

Oleas said they are losing students because they don’t have the right technology to give them the education that they need.

With a budget of more than $4 million, Vice President of Administrative Services Rolf Schleicher said money isn’t what is holding the project back.

“The funding is already available,” Schleicher said. “That’s why he was making those questions, ‘if the funding is available why can’t you do it?’ What Ed was saying from the PMO, is that he needs approval from the district. They’re saying the district’s already committed to doing it, why don’t you get it done. So there’s a dispute in terms of how it’s not being delivered.”

There was confusion on what exactly was the delay.

Schleicher proposed that a task force was made so that moving the project forward could be discussed properly.

The taskforce had their first meeting the the Friday following PCC.

The Roundup is the student-run news outlet at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

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