Pro: PA system is a must

Pro: PA system is a must

Public Address systems are the most efficient way of communicating with your school because of the amount of space you can cover in dangerous situations.

School campus’ need to use the blue telephones in case of emergencies but they can be unreliable because of how each post is positioned. If I’m walking home from class and an emergency siren goes off with no one telling me whats going on, I may think it’s a false alarm.

Having a system to alert the students on what’s actually happening can save many lives just on awareness. For larger campus’ it becomes even more needed because that lack of information can be detrimental to those who aren’t in the vicinity of the PA system to be alerted.

PA systems are a way of unifying all classrooms together to ensure that the students and faculties safety and awareness is always on top.

One of the systems is the paging system.

“Among the most common are to send emergency messages, make daily announcements (such as birthdays and annoying events, or to simply call students to the office.”

These would be implemented into classrooms and could give instant feedback to everyone depending on the situation.

There are also classroom systems that can be put in music rooms to allow students to play their instruments without ruining the quality of the sounds from the speakers.

“The number of speakers in each classroom will depend on the size of the room and the purpose for which they will be used. An effectively designed sound system ensures that all students can hear the teacher during presentations, students during speeches, audio during movies and so on.”

This could give everyone a lot safer environment without sacrificing anything on the staffs side and the students.

This can also be used for educational purposes and enhance school events as well.

“Multiple large speakers are required to ensure all corners of the gymnasium can hear the message, amps boost the entertainment value of the music being played and good microphones prevent the message from getting lost in the static.”

Making events more passable and less static ridden can increase school popularity and bring in more students. Giving birth to new classes and bringing in more revenue for campus.

Campus life would become more lively as well, with student concerts and performances and announcements being more viable.

Being able to have high quality audio partnered with public address announcement speakers can really increase the morale and the safety of the schools. So that we can all come to class everyday feeling a bit more secure with everyone.