BRIEF: Potential Impeachment

BRIEF: Potential Impeachment

ASO members requested an impeachment hearing for ASO President Miguel Orellana during a senate meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

Vice President Stephanie Lopez, Club Council President Nicole Alfaro and Treasurer Brandon Le read off a list of offenses that they believe Orellana committed during his presidency.

One of these offenses included breaching privacy by taking senators applications when he wasn’t supposed to.

Le said that the applications contained sensitive materials such as student transcripts, addresses and I.D. numbers.

“Taking the senators applications posed a security beach, specifically a breach in privacy because of the potentiality of replicating or revealing the private documents when they were supposed to be disclosed in a private place,” said Le.

Orellana is also being accused of missing mandatory meetings, not being present during his office hours and not participating in the ASO booth during Club Rush.

Orellana said that these offenses are misconceptions and that the mistakes he made were unintentional.

“As a non-traditional student, I have a non-traditional way of doing things. I believe that this is a big misunderstanding,” said Orellana. “The process of becoming ASO president is a learning experience. Nobody starts off knowing anything. We should allow a space for people who make mistakes.”

Orellana said that these offenses should not warrant an impeachment hearing, and that the ASO should be focusing on more important issues.

“This is so early in the semester to be nit-picking at someones learning process, and I think that’s a big waste of time,” said Orellana.

ASO voted on a motion to move the meeting to next week. The motion was passed by a vote of 4-1, with one abstaining.