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Streetbeat: Hot dog or sandwich

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why or why not?

A hot dog is a sandwich because it is simply a shifted sandwich, a rotationally shifted sandwich. I believe if you took a sandwich and put it sideways it is still a sandwich. So if you have a hot dog and put it sideways, it is also a sandwich.

-Jordan Russo

Applied Mathematics






“It is a sideways sandwich. When you turn it sideways it is like sub-sandwich.”

-Matthew Part


“I think that a hot dog could be whatever it would like to be and a hotdog can be a sandwich if it wants to be because who is to say it can’t be?”

-Andrei Niemczyk


“I guess it is a sandwich because there’s bread and there are condiments involved. There’s meat, but it is just shaped weird.”

-Bertha Diaz


“I don’t think so. A sandwich is about mounting stuff in there, I mean it is the same thing. It’s just that a hot dog is less sandwich.”

-Jesus Dediego



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