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Con: Don’t take classes

Con: Don’t take classes

Do you know that feeling of relief after finals are over? Now imagine having a couple days off and then having to do it all over again.

It is simply exhausting.

Summer and winter breaks are crucial for students to take time and catch a breath.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, stress associated with school may affect mood, anxiety and memory.

The break increases a students’ productivity and provides them with opportunities to develop social skills and creativity.

Students deserve their vacations.

The summer and winter months often is the only time for them to explore different parts of the world and meet new people.

The biggest advantage is simply relaxation without school responsibilities.

Summer or winter classes may also affect a student’s financial situation. Although the class sessions are about five weeks long, enrollment fees cost the same amount as a regular semester and new textbooks have to be bought as well.

Instead of enrolling in short sessions, they can use this time to make some extra money with a part-time job or learn new skills doing internships.

In addition, winter and summer sessions don’t offer that wide of a selection of classes. Often times, the core classes that people need aren’t available.

The intersession is typically shorter and yet the amount of material is the same. Students have to be more disciplined and dedicate their break time to study because they are expected to complete their work in half the time.

Assignments are usually due back-to-back every week and then finals are next. For some, it is a lot to take on.

Vacation is an important time for students.

Not only can they take a break from the hardships of learning, but they can also change their surroundings by going on trips or spending quality time with family.

There’s nothing better than starting a new semester with a clear mind.