‘I didn’t know’ won’t cut it

‘I didn’t know’ won’t cut it

More than half of California State Universities (CSU’s) have implemented ‘Not Anymore’ as a requirement for student admission.

Not Anymore is a student made online program created to educate and prevent sexual harassment and domestic violence.

Pierce College should consider implementing a similar requirement to improve campus safety.

“Women in the traditional age range for college students—from 18 to 21 are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted than women in any other age group, and college-bound women are at greater risk than their non-college-bound peers,” according to American Association of University Professors.

This course is around 95 minutes and includes a test that does not take more than 20 minutes.

The educational video gives statistics regarding sexual misconduct and sexual harassment on campus. It also shares students’ personal experiences and presents realistic scenarios that students can understand.

Students who would feel uncomfortable watching the video can contact the counselor and will be given an alternative form of getting the information. Students who fail to take this course are not admitted into school.

Rates of sexual assault and misconduct on college campuses are highest among undergraduate females and those identifying as transgender, gender-queer and non-conforming, according to a report from the Association of American Universities.

What is Pierce doing about sexual harassment on campus?

In a report by the Medical University of South Carolina, only 12% of college student victims report the assault to law enforcement. Only 7% of survivors of incapacitated sexual assault report to the police.

Victims cite various reasons for not reporting: not wanting others to know, lack of proof, confusion regarding whether what occurred constitutes assault, fear of retaliation or they did not know how to report and they fear of being treated poorly by the criminal justice system.

If students complete this online course they no longer have an acceptable excuse to sexually harass or rape another student by claiming they did not know it was considered sexual harassment.

Victims of sexual crimes have been violated in a horrendous and invasive way. Not only does sexual violence harm a person physically, but it can also demolish someone emotionally and mentally.

Students deserve to be at a school where they feel safe. Implementing this will not only make campus safer, but it also makes students more informed.