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Vikings sail, Brahmas trail

Men’s volleyball were unbeaten at home heading into the game against the Long Beach City College Vikings.

However that would change on Friday night as they lost in straight sets (25-18, 25-15 and 25-21).

Brahmas’ volleyball player Elias Ybarra said despite the energy not landing in the team’s favor, they walked away with various good things.

“I definitely think in the first set, we started off pretty strong,” Ybarra said. “We got in a little bit of a funk, and it just didn’t land in our favor. The second set, I think, we were stuck in a couple of rotations and [the Vikings] took off from there. Starting the third set, I think we came out pretty strong with energy and just talked a lot on and off the court.”

Brahmas’ head coach Edison Zhou said the energy will remain high.

“Sometimes we’d go high, sometimes we build up,” Zhou said. “But we need to see the average, we just keep all the skills we have. Whatever we learn, we are going to just put on the real game.”

Vikings’ head coach Jonathan Charette said Zhou gets people who normally don’t play, and that those players did well in the game. He said he enjoyed the match.

“Pierce put up a very good fight against us,” Charette said. “They played hard. It wasn’t the biggest crowd, but they were very engaged.”

Vikings player Erik Hernandez said tonight’s game performance was satisfactorily a win.

“I think we could’ve picked it up,” Hernandez said. “We did slack a little. We definitely did a little bit better, but a win is a win.”

Zhou said next time, the team will probably work on the angle for further improvements.

Ybarra said moving forward, there are some improvements he and his team can take to the next game.

“I definitely think moving forward, maybe just for our blocking system,” Ybarra said. “Long Beach ran plays we weren’t really ready for. Our blocking wasn’t always there, but that’s okay cause it’s something we can work on. I think moving forward, probably just watching out for pace.”

With the loss, the Brahmas drop to 2-3 on the season and are on a two-game losing streak. They hope to bounce back in their next game against the El Camino College Warriors.

The game against ECC is on Wednesday, March 11 at 6 p.m.

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