BRIEF: District lifts grade restrictions

BRIEF: District lifts grade restrictions

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) will lift the restriction on the number of courses/units students can take for Pass/No Pass for this semester.

In an email, the district said the courses will not count towards the maximum number of P/NP limits one may apply to a certificate or degree, including major courses.

All classes can be taken either Graded or as Pass/No Pass. 

Courses that are already designated locally as Pass/No Pass only will remain P/NP only.

The email also mentioned courses taken this term as a replacement/repeat of a previously-graded course may be taken as Pass/No Pass. 

Students should note that a grade of “Pass” will replace a previous grade, while a grade of “No Pass” will not.

The previous grade GPA will not be counted towards the student’s cumulative GPA if replaced with the Pass grade.

Students should speak with a counselor to discuss their options for taking a course Pass/No Pass and the impact it may have on their academic standing, admissions, financial aid, and transfer to a CSU, UC or private universities.

To chat with an Academic Counselor or an Admission’s representative, click on the “Online Counseling & Live Chat” tile on the student homepage.

To execute a Pass/No Pass grading option, complete the Pass/No Pass Petition and return the form from your District email address ( to

If students are unable to scan and return the document with the handwritten signature; they should type their name in the signature line instead.