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Safer at home

Safer at home
Andres and Adriana Samour prepare a vegetable garden during COVID-19 quarantine at the garden in Simi Valley, Calif. on March, 2020. Photo by Jose Samour.

With precautionary measures that are keeping schools and non-essential businesses closed, students look for ways to spend new found free time in their homes.

After the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the United States, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued the Safer at Home order on March 19 and directed residents to stay at home and limit activities outside. The order is expected to last a minimum of two months.

As a result of school closures, students have also taken advantage of quarantining by sharpening up on old skills, picking up new hobbies, playing board games and catching up on much-needed sleep and relaxation. 

By practicing social distancing and abiding by the precautionary orders, students remain safer at home surrounded by family, friends and homes full of potential hobbies.