Con: Keep States Closed

Con: Keep States Closed

The coronavirus has caused the majority of the world to go into quarantine.

The state of California and its counties has a Safer at Home order that is in effect at least until the end of May, but it’s likely that the date will be pushed further back.

Quarantine is the safest way to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Many people are losing their jobs, getting sick, having a hard time staying indoors and feeling overwhelmed at how fast this is all transitioning.

Lockdown has been in order for almost two months and some nonessential businesses have considered reopening even though the virus has not shown any signs of slowing down.

A vaccine could take as long as 12 to 18 months to be FDA approved, produced and ready to be administered to people.

According to an article published by U.S. News, an expert for University of Maryland’s Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health said there are three different phases to the trial process.

“Phase I trials test whether the vaccine is safe, and usually last about six months,” the expert said. “Phase II trials examine how well the vaccine works in creating an immune response within volunteers, and last up to a year. Phase III trials track the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing infection in people who are being exposed to the pathogen.”

The U.S. and the world needs to remain on lockdown until the virus is either gone or has fewer cases being reported.

Although it may be boring, it is better than being sick in the hospital not knowing if you are going to make it through.

Businesses such as fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores and hospitals should be the only places that remain open. Essential workers are already risking their health everyday by continuing to work.

Nonessential businesses that are losing money have been persistent in trying to get their store to reopen but even if they do, customers should avoid going inside to maintain safe social distancing.

Florida reopened its beaches about a week ago and had many people show up and ignore the lockdown orders. The state still has plans to reopen more beaches in the coming week, but has some restrictions that people need to follow.

This idea isn’t smart at all. All it takes is one person to have it and cause others to get sick.

Anyone you know can have the virus and they might not even know it because they haven’t had symptoms and the virus is asymptomatic.

It is simply safer to take extreme precaution by staying inside where you’re surrounded by only people you know have not gone out in a while or at all.

If everyone stayed inside, the virus could potentially end faster.

If states reopened, it is likely that the number of people who are at risk of catching it will only grow.