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‘Get the notes online’

Students who have previously enrolled in online courses are familiar with how they work and haven’t struggled with the change.

But for others, it has not been so easy.

They have been forced to adapt quickly without previous knowledge on time management skills and the work effort required to maintain a passing grade.

Although meetings are more accessible because going to campus isn’t necessary, there are some who are still finding it difficult to make it to class.

To ease the trouble, Pierce College should consider making it mandatory for professors to upload their Zoom meetings to Canvas after it’s over.

Before, students would have to miss critical information taught if they were absent. But because class is done virtually, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Instructors don’t have to set up additional equipment or have advanced technology skills. They have the option to simply press record during a Zoom session.

Not only would it be useful for those who couldn’t attend class, it’d be a resource for those who did.

It’s common to forget what was said during a lecture because there’s so much new information being said.

If the video of the lecture was uploaded, students could refer to them to help with homework or study.

They could also use it to catch things they missed or to find answers to questions about assignments that were asked by others.

Professors could also use their recordings in the future if they teach the same class again.

While some may never get comfortable with remote learning, Pierce should provide tools to make the process easier.

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