BRIEF: Against systemic racism

BRIEF: Against systemic racism

Academic Senate members discussed a proposal against systemic racism.

Resolutions listed in the proposal are intended to create a safe and inclusive learning environment at Pierce.

“Pierce has been a hostile campus towards African Americans for a long period of time, I have received hostility as a faculty,” Professor of Sociology, James Mckeever said.

While the proposal states, “That faculty in all disciplines develop inclusive and anti-racist curriculum,” members from the Administration of Justice department felt singled out in the process of reform because of the request that, “an emphasis be placed on first-responders disciplines, such as Administration of Justice.”

According to Denise Robb, a Political Science professor speaking on behalf of the Administration of Justice Department said, “They feel very singled out, they believe there should be more than their department highlighted. They feel sort of that they are being punished, they would fully support it if it was inclusive of other departments.”

Members of the Academic Senate were asked to further review the proposal for the next meeting on Sept. 28, when the proposal is up for approval.

“AJ faculty in no way endorses the actions of some of these officers who have been at the forefront of the issues we’re facing,” said Kim Rich professor of Administration of Justice. “We acknowledge that changes must be made and are willing to do so.”