Student services on virtual display

Student services on virtual display

Student success, particularly in community colleges, frequently depends on what happens inside the classroom and outside as well. 

Pierce College employs a variety of organizations meant to increase engagement in the college experience, and many of those participated in the Annual Student Services Fair on Oct. 1 on Zoom. 

ASO, the Umoja Program, the Health Center and the Dream Resource Center were part of the many groups that provided information in breakout rooms.  

ASO Club Council President Sofia Zaragoza said her job is to take care of the chartered clubs on campus.

“We’re part of the Student Engagement Center at this point, so we’re part of just really being there for students,” Zaragoza said in the Zoom breakout room.

Umoja Program coordinator Kalynda McLean talked about how the program hosts events and provides support for their students.

“The Umoja Program continues to provide services to students although we’re working remotely,” McLean said over Zoom. “We have online counseling for students that are available through Cranium Café.”

The Umoja Program has Zoom “Porch Talks” where students discuss and collaborate on a certain topic. Last week their topic was voter education.

The Brahma Food Pantry discussed how they provide food help, housing, mental health assistance, scholarships and financial aid for students regardless of their immigration status.

In the Health Center’s breakout room, family nurse practitioner Debbie Sargent notified students that they can receive services over Zoom.

She explained that the Health Center can administer STD testing, birth control, condoms and prescription medication which can be retrieved without having to go on campus. For mental health counseling, students are given six virtual and confidential sessions per semester.

Sargent also examined a student’s rash and was able to help her virtually.

“It’s amazing how much we can do virtually, I don’t think any of us realized how much we actually can do,” Sargent said.

To contact the Health Center, students can visit their student portal at

Brahmas can find more student services at the Los Angeles Pierce College website