Con: Trick-or-treating

Con: Trick-or-treating

Every year trick-or-treaters go door to door in their costumes to receive candy and have friendly interactions with neighbors, but Halloween will look differently in 2020.

Los Angeles County public health officials announced in early September that trick-or-treating would be banned. They quickly retracted their statement after receiving backlash and said it was simply not recommended.

There should not be trick-or-treating this Halloween because of the safety concerns regarding COVID-19.

There are many alternatives that have been suggested by local and state public health officials to ensure families that they can still enjoy the holiday while staying safe.

Families can go on a walk in their costumes without stopping at houses to get candy. Other alternatives include hosting Zoom parties to show off costumes with family and friends, carving pumpkins and watching movies in the comfort of your home.

Health officials’ main concern regarding trick-or-treating is the potential of spreading COVID-19 through handing out and receiving candy.

But, it is almost possible to create a safe way to get candy while trick-or-treating.

Social distancing guidelines require six feet of distance between people, and handing out candy does not follow those rules.

Some houses leave candy out in a bowl on porches for trick-or-treaters to grab, but it is unsafe for many people to be grabbing candy out of the same bowl because of the possibility of spreading the virus.

If someone who has the virus were to give out candy, they would be putting trick-or-treaters and their families at high risk of contracting COVID-19. If a trick-or-treater who may have the virus goes door to door, they could be exposing whole households to the virus.

This Halloween will serve as a reminder that the virus is still here and the public needs to continue to do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

By skipping it this year, there’s a higher chance that future Halloweens will go back to normal soon.