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Streetbeat: What are your Halloween plans?

Quotes and photos gathered by Jackelyn Ruby.

Photo by Jackelyn Ruby

“Well, we normally would go to different parties every weekend in October, but this year my husband and I have decided to just invite my sister and her boyfriend over and hangout. We do not want to expose ourselves to large gatherings like we normally would have.”

– Ellie Cedillo

Photo by Jackelyn Ruby

“I would normally take my two daughters trick-or-treating at the local mall and we would host a yearly Halloween party. This year we are not having our yearly party and I will be taking my daughters to the drive-in trick or treating at the West Covina mall.”

– Vanessa Villanueva

Photo by Jackelyn Ruby

“I usually go all out on Halloween as I celebrate my birthday during this time. However, with all of the COVID-19 restrictions this year I am finding it difficult to continue my yearly tradition. This year I am renting a cabin in Big Bear and with four close friend we will be celebrating it out there.”

– Marlyn Alas

Photo by Jackelyn Ruby

“I would normally work on Halloween night since I am a server at a high end scale restaurant in Malibu. My family would host a party to celebrate Halloween but with this pandemic we have decided not to do anything and stay indoors.”

– Gabe Beltran

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